The Team

Our group is made of of chemical engineers and chemists
Current Group
  • Toby Baldhoff "Through-mask electrochemical micromachining of microchannels" (PhD student)
  • Asad Kariman "Electrochemical wastewater treatment" (PhD student)
  • Leatham Landon-Lane "Redox flow batteries" (PhD student)
  • Samuel Martin Treceno "Ultra-high temperature titanium oxide electrolysis" (PhD student)
  • Maxime Savoie "Photoelectrochemical redox batteries" (PhD student)
  • Maryam Shojaei "Nano-textured photoelectrochemical anodes" (PhD student)
  • Hani Taleshiahangari "Electrochemical carbon dioxide reduction" (PhD student)
  • Samuel Fisher "Solar redox batteries and Electrocatalysis" (PhD student)
  • Thomas Hughes "Ultra-high temperature titanium oxide electrolysis" (ME student) Co-Supervisor with Matt Watson
  • Ryan Kirk "Atomically-Precise Gold and Silver Nanoclusters" (MSc student). Co-Supervisor with Vladimir Golovko
  • Calvin Lim "Electrocatalytic carbon dioxide conversion to methanol" (PhD student - completed 2017)
  • Jared Steven "The electrochemical stability of gold nanoparticles and the catalytic reduction of carbon dioxide" (PhD student - completed 2017)
  • Fazly Abdul Patah "Entrained Flow Gasification of Pyrolysis Oil of Radiata Pine Woody Biomass" (PhD student - completed 2016) Associate-Supervisor with Shusheng Pang
  • PhD - Mellsop S: Electrocatalytic anodes for the oxygen evolution reaction (PhD student - completed 2016)
  • PhD - Hongrapipat J: Removal of NH3 and H2S from biomass gasification producer gas (PhD student - complete 2014) Associate-Supervisor with Shusheng Pang
  • Diandree Padayachee "Development of electrocatalysts for glycerol oxidation" (PhD student - completed 2014)
  • Chris Penniall "Microchannel reactors for Fischer Tropsch" (PhD student - completed 2013) Associate-Supervisor with Chris Williamson
  • E. Evelyn "Microbial Fuel Cells" (ME student - completed 2013) Co-Supervisor with Peter Gostomksi
  • Yan Li "Microbial Fuel Cells" (ME student - completed 2013)Co-Supervisor with Peter Gostomksi

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